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Mike Wiseman

Honda-Ohio State Partnership Co-Director

Mike Wiseman is the Honda - Ohio State University Partnership Co-director with responsibility to support and advance joint activities with a focus on innovations in the mobility industry that will create new value for society. Mike’s career started in Honda R&D Americas, Inc. in Raymond, Ohio, in 1987, as a Materials Engineer and most recently was the division director of the Material Research prior to taking on his current role in 2015.

Early in his career, Mike was responsible for the localization of paint, coatings, plastics, metals and fabrics.  Over time he strengthened his concentration on the development of new paint and coating technologies, with specialized expertise in exterior topcoat materials.

Mike led a number of new technology research themes and holds several patents related to flexible bumper coating materials. Galvanneal coated steel sheet, waterborne basecoat paints and environmentally friendly bumper coating systems and fastener coatings are some of the key technologies that Mike has introduced over his career with Honda.

Wiseman also served on various product development teams as the materials project leader for multiple generations of the Acura CL.

In 2002, he became the manager of the Material Research division with responsibility and initiated the fostering of an environment aimed at innovation.

Wiseman was promoted to division director in 2012, and proceeded to further elevate the focus of the division toward becoming an integral component in HRA’s strategic vision of automotive frame research.