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Honda-Ohio State STEM Award

Math Medal Expanded to STEM Award

The Honda-Ohio State STEM Award was introduced to Ohio high schools in 2017 to recognize superior STEM scholarship and increase interest in STEM careers. Nominations for the Class of 2020 are now open at Honda-Ohio State Stem award 2020.

Formerly known as the Honda-Ohio State Math Medal award (2005-2016), the STEM award was expanded to include outstanding academic performance in science, technology, business and engineering areas in addition to the orginal focus on mathematics.

Last year's inaugural class of 2018 STEM award recipients consisted of 178 high school seniors in central and southwestern Ohio. The Class of 2019 STEM award will honor 150 graduating seniors who will recieve the award at their high school annual awards ceremony.

More than 300 public and private high schools in central, western and southwestern Ohio are invited each spring to select an incoming senior to receive the STEM Award. The seniors are notified of their award in September and are encouraged to continue their STEM career pathway by applying for the Honda scholarship at Ohio State.

STEM Award recipients interested in attending Ohio State University to pursue a STEM major can apply for a $3,000 annual scholarship. Twenty scholarships are available in engineering and 10 new scholarships were added in 2018 for STEM majors in business and arts and sciences.

Math Medal History

The Honda-Ohio State Math Medal was created in 2005 to recognize outstanding math scholarship in Ohio high schools and encourage talented math scholars to pursue their higher education at The Ohio State University’s College of Engineering and their future employment goals at Honda.

Between 2005 and 2016, 2,285 high school seniors received the Honda Math Medal. For the first five years, the Math Medal was awarded only to high schools in the 15 counties surrounding Honda, but was expanded to 16 southwestern Ohio counties in 2010.

Nearly 600 Math Medal recipients in the 13 senior classes honored applied for Honda scholarships in the College of Engineering. Ten classes of Math Medal recipients/Honda scholars have graduated from Ohio State.