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Honda Scholars

Each spring, 18-20 seniors who received the Honda-Ohio State math medal are offered $3,000 annual scholarships to attend The Ohio State University College of Engineering for their undergraduate degrees. 

The scholarship was introduced in 2005 with the first class of central Ohio math medal winners. From the five scholarships awarded to the Class of 2005, this scholarship program has grown to include 20 central and southwestern Ohio seniors in the classes of 2011-14. More than 150 high school seniors have recieved the scholarship over the past 10 years, with six classes of engineers graduated.

Over the past 11 years, 173 scholarships have been awarded to Honda-Ohio State math medal recipients from central and southwest Ohio. Since then, 7 classes of scholars have graduated from The Ohio State University's College of Engineering. Out of those scholars, 8-10 have completed internships at Honda and 5-8 are currently employed at Honda as well.