The Honda Partnership Program is a bilateral collaboration between The Ohio State University and Honda of America Manufacturing, Honda R&D America, Inc. and Honda North America, Inc.  The partnership dates back to 1988, when an endowment for transportation research was established at the Ohio State College of Engineering in conjunction with Honda. Honda’s support of Ohio State research includes more than $50 million in endowments for the university—generated through a collaborative involvement at the Transportation Research Center (TRC) in East Liberty, Ohio. That endowment now generates $1.5 million in revenue annually to be invested in ground transportation-related programs in the college.

In 2016, the partnership announced a new strategic direction with a sharpened focus on innovations in the mobility industry that will create new value for society.  The strengthened partnership agreement also establishes a new management structure led by co-directors representing Honda and Ohio State. Shubho Bhattacharya, Associate Chief Engineer, Honda North America (HNA),  and Alissa Comella, Director, Ohio State Corporate Engagement Office, serve as co-directors of the partnership.




Partnership Co-Directors

Shubho Bhattacharya Honda Co-Director
Alissa Comella Ohio State Co-Director